Learn about our schedule called "Structured Choice", and the innovative ways we teach sports, arts, and 21st century skills at our summer camp in New Hampshire



Now that you've seen examples of our weekly schedules would you like to see what our summer camp is really like? Would you like to experience the fun, laughter and excitement that our campers enjoy every day of the summer? How about understanding how we teach crucial 21st century skills like social and emotional intelligence, along with sports and arts skills?

Check out this short funny video our counselors made last summer that included every single member of our community.

Then visit our website to:

  • Learn about the more than 35 exciting activities we offer each day of the summer!

  • Find out about our incredible evening activities, including campfires, hobby nights, and wrestling in over 1,000 pounds of Jell-O!

  • Understand why a 4 and 7 week camp experience can be so powerful for a young person!

  • Discover why a brother-sister summer camp creates the perfect balance of co-ed and single-gender camps 

  • Read about how we have created the most intentional, child-development focused summer camp in the United States!