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Is your child looking for a camp where they can try it all? How does a summer of playing on traveling teams, learning to wakeboard, forming a rock band, performing in a Broadway-style musical, and climbing a mountain sound? What about designing and building furniture, rock climbing, and developing a great jump shot? How about all of that, and becoming a more resilient, independent, and confident person?

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  • Learn how our emphasis on deeper learning teaches both sports and arts skills, and vital 21st century skills 
  • See a list of the over 35 different and exciting activities that we offer each day of the summer! 
  • Understand how our innovative program called "Structured Choice" gives campers a balanced summer of team and individual sports, visual and performing arts, and outdoor adventure
  • Discover why our campers say that K&E helps them be their "best selves" 
  • Read about how we have created the most intentional, child-development focused summer camp in the United States!